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New York City CNA Salary

How do salaries for CNAs stack up when you compare NYC to state and national averages? Let’s take a look at the data produced by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, updated in May of 2023.

AreaTotal CNAsAverage Hourly WageAverage Salary
New York City Metro Area (Including Newark and New Jersey)80,540$22.81$47,450
New York State84,550$22.13$46,020
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

New York Metro CNA Salaries

Based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics data, the New York City Metro Area and the state of New York both have a higher average hourly wage and average salary for Certified Nursing Assistants compared to the national average.

In the New York City Metro Area, which includes both parts of New Jersey and Connecticut, there are 80,540 CNAs with an average hourly wage of $22.81 and an average annual salary of $47,450. Comparatively, in the state of New York as a whole, there are 84,550 CNAs with a slightly lower average hourly wage of $22.13, resulting in an average annual salary of $46,020.

CNA National Averages

When compared to the national average for CNAs, which stands at 1,351,760 CNAs with an average hourly wage of $19.04 and an average annual salary of $39,610, both the New York City Metro Area and the state of New York offer significantly higher wages for CNAs.

In terms of employment numbers, the New York City Metro Area has almost as many CNAs as the entire state of New York (80,540). However, the NYC Metro also includes areas of New Jersey, but both areas have a substantial number of CNAs, indicating a strong demand for healthcare professionals in the state.

Ultimately, both the New York City Metro Area and the state of New York offer higher wages for CNAs compared to the national average, reflecting the relatively higher cost of living in these areas. Despite the cost of living, there is a consistent demand for CNAs in both areas, demonstrating a robust healthcare industry that requires skilled professionals to provide essential care to the population.

What Impacts CNA Salaries in New York?

CNAs in New York see differences in their salaries due to various factors. One of the main factors is location—where you work within New York matters a lot. Larger cities like New York City tend to have higher living costs, so they often pay CNAs more to help cover those added expenses.

Experience and education also play significant roles in determining salaries. CNAs with more experience or higher levels of education often earn higher wages. Additionally, having special certifications, such as being a Certified Medication Aide (CMA), can boost your pay. The more skills and certifications you have, the more you can earn.

The type of healthcare facility you work at is another factor. Fancy hospitals or specialized healthcare facilities may pay more than nursing homes or smaller clinics. Union representation can also make a difference. Being part of a union can allow CNAs to negotiate for better wages and benefits collectively.

The hours you work and the benefits your employer offers also affect how much you make as a CNA. For instance, working night shifts, weekends, or holidays may result in additional compensation. Furthermore, the benefits offered by your employer, such as health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, and bonuses, can contribute to your overall compensation.

Understanding all these factors is crucial for CNAs in New York. It helps them make informed decisions about where to work and how to negotiate for fair compensation and better working conditions in the healthcare field.

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